Background Verification

Selections Sourcing provides cost-effective and customized background check services for organizations ranging from small, local business owners to large scale companies. Includes verifying your employee’s education, past employment, address, identity, credentials, references, etc.

Background Verification

A bad hire results in a significant cost to the company in terms of time lost and expenses due to the need to recruit and train another new hire. Our services ensure that we stay true to our motto of placing the right individuals with the right skillsets in your organization.

The services we offer include –

  • Employment Background Check – verify salary drawn, period of service, behavior and performance, exit formalities, rehire eligibility etc.
  • Personal Reference – Verify from peers and managers personality and behavioral traits observed, roles and responsibilities undertaken.
  • Education Check – Verify authenticity of academic documents submitted
  • Identity Check – verify authenticity of various personal documents submitted such as PAN card, passport, AADHAR card, address proofs etc.
  • Criminal Checks – All-inclusive litigation searches of court records involving civil or criminal cases in various courts.
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