Leadership Hiring

Our mission is to provide value to each client we serve and to help you recruit top talent and create organizations of adaptive, diverse people that are prepared to meet strategic business goals. We strive to understand the strategic goals, unique leadership roles and competencies of each Client.

Leadership Hiring

We understand the opportunities and challenges that are unique to leadership hiring. There is a limited pool of qualified resources and the acceptance rate coupled with high time and cost of recruitment makes it necessary to adopt customized sourcing and hiring strategies for leadership roles. At Selections Sourcing, we have a leadership competency based hiring framework.

We map the competencies needed by your organization to meet business objectives and outcomes, and provide you with a qualified talent pool of leaders who meet these requirements. This not only makes sure that the lead time for hiring in leadership roles is reduced, it also ensures that only qualified candidate profiles are finally interviewed by decision makers in the client organization, thus making the process more efficient.

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