Contractual Staffing

We’re witnessing a massive shift from traditional work and full-time employment to freelancing, working part-time, and independent contracting also known as the gig economy, and Selections Sourcing is ahead of the curve, keeing with the times, to ensure we give our clients flexible staffing models that meet their business requirement.

Contractual Staffing

We hire for various flexible staffing models depending on your business’ needs. Some of the engagements for which we hire include part-time employment, contractual employees, long term and short term project based employees, temporary staff, and work from home resources.

Our sourcing strategy for hiring these seasonal and contractual workers differntiates us from our competitors. We maintain a targetted demographic-based talent pool of resources (eg: student, retired staff, army veterans etc.), who best fit in these roles, thus ensuring employee satisfaction, retention and effective peformance.


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